This is what irks me about back to school season

School is just starting on our district, and I’m very happy to not be participating. But even when my son did go to school, the following issue bothered me.

Why is it so well accepted that parents can’t wait to be rid of their kids?

When school's in parents win

Why isn’t it okay to want our kids around? Even when my son went to school, I missed him. I like him, and like spending time with him.  I know there are parents who do miss their kids at school, and aren’t cheering that school has started.  But there are just so many who are literally cheering that they are finally rid of their kids again.

Then there’s this horrendous handout given to a friend’s children at meet the teacher night.

So not only are we supposed to be thrilled they are gone from our homes, but we should also giggle at their back – to – school anxiety? Why would teachers or parents find this handout humorous? Because who cares what our kids are feeling?  We felt this anxiety, too, as kids, and now we’re glad our kids have to feel it, too?  That whole, “my kids should have the same painful experiences I had to endure” thing?

When School’s in Parents Win

Frankly, the chip bag in the picture above just makes me glad my kids can’t read yet. How depressing for our kids to be reading everywhere around them how glad their parents are to be rid of them again.  Why do we have to be so disrespectful toward children?  If we’re truly glad for our kids to be back in school, why can’t we focus on the good things we think our children are gaining and experiecing there?  Is it because many parents don’t truly care about what happens at school as long as their kids are gone all day?  Is it because it’s “cool” to complain about our kids, and makes us feel like part of the group? Or because we aren’t really sure what our kids are experiencing at school?

How about you?  Are you bothered by the back to school cheering?

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  1. Yes, I am and I always have been. It bothered my mom, too. One parent friend complained about people who complained about this issue, saying that homeschool moms are acting holier-than-thou. I wanted to ask her why she was so quick to defend this crappy adult behavior? Why is it okay for parents to cheer about their child’s unhappiness? I believe most parents who object to this cheering are concerned about the well-being of children whose parents openly cheer about it or at least the societal expectation that parents don’t want to be around their children.

    I’m choosing to believe that many parents don’t take their child’s school anxiety seriously partially because schools have changed a lot since they attended. Maybe they don’t realize just how much is geared toward test taking. Things are a lot different and not in a good way overall.

    I hope articles like this can help parents act more thoughtfully and respectfully towards their children. Maybe they haven’t stopped to think about the damage it may cause. We don’t cheer when our spouses go back to work after a vacation. It would damage our relationship with them. Children aren’t adults. If it’s something an adult would be hurt by, then a child will also be hurt by the same action and it should be reconsidered. Yes, I’d be really hurt if my husband was excited about being away from me and was laughing about my sadness with his friends. That’s different than being excited about going on a solo trip and he will still miss me. And vice versa!

    All this being said, I completely understand the need for some alone time. Maybe parents are really cheering because they will be able to have some time to themselves. If that’s the case, the message is still detrimental to little minds, since it isn’t presented that way.

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    1. Thank you! And your analogy about your spouse is great. We all need some alone time, but we can talk about it as such, and not blame that need on our children.

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